Hi there!  My name is Hans Christian Gonzalez,  I have been a New York City-based Wedding and Portrait Photographer professionally since 2017.


I say professionally because I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic by a mother who was obsessed with taking pictures of her family and and friends.  Even though she was never a professional photographer, that passion of having to document the most cherished and important moments in her life gradually influenced me into adopting the necessity of also observing and appreciating  the most important and and significant moments in people’s lives.


In your special day, I am not there just to photograph  people, but a multitude of feelings  like laughter, surprised looks,  loving smiles, beautiful flower arrangements,  tears of laughter,  loving embraces, kids dancing on the dance floor, and much more!  


To book me, call or text me at 917-539-9418. Let's do this!